Signed Album - Bold, Brave & Beautiful

Signed Album - Bold, Brave & Beautiful


1. Bold, Brave & Beautiful (original)

2. Alegria (Cirque Du Soliel)

3. I See You (original)

4. Sound of Silence - feat. Lisa Grace Hawkins (Simon & Garfunkel)

5. I Will Rise (original)

6. Let it Go (Frozen)

7. Breaking Free (original)

8. What If (original)

9. Where the Lost Ones Go - feat Will Martin 

10. Angel (Sarah McLachlan)

11. Earth Song (Michael Jackson)

12. I Wanna Go Deep (original)


Compact disc in colourfully designed 6 panel environmentally friendly ecopak with 12 page booklet including lyrics for original songs.

Designed by Gordon Miller photos by Hamish Melville.


Album recorded and produced in Poland at Pueblo People Studios and National Polish Radio Studios in Warsaw. 

Group Vocals recorded at MIM Studios in Tauranga by Evan Pope. 

Will Martin Vocals recorded by Greg Johnson at The Pacific Writing Room, Santa Monica. 


Produced by: Pawel Zarecki

Co Producer: Anna Hawkins

Mixed & Mastered: Robert Szydlo

Piano/Percussion: Pawel Zarecki

Guitar: Tomek Lippert

Guitar/Bass/Mandolin: Maciej Maka

Guitar/Mandolin: Jamie Hilsden

Cello: Jan Stoklosa 

String Quartet: Fair Play Quartet

String Orchestra - led by Atom String Quartet. 

Orchestrated by Nikola Kolodziejczyk


Label: Southbound Records NZ